Thursday, 27 December 2012

When doors seem to be shutting from every direction the easiest thing to do is fret and give up. After reading a passage from a story of a young man who found himself a slave in a foreign land, hope was re-ignited. The young man had a dream. One that seemed too far fetched for his family's liking. How can a young boy have such a dream, be exalted above all of them...impossible! After all he had no birthright and stood no chance of inheriting any legacy...he was one of the youngest in a family of possibly men and women of stature and here he comes saying "You will bow..."!
The voices do speak up now and again, "Who are you to believe you can be great..." but Truth says "Who are you not to think you can be great..."
With a tone that sounds like logic, "It's too costly, too complicated for a simple mind like yours..." Yet I will rise, soar above the rest or with the rest momentarily but rise I shall.
The answer to my application for the Unogwaja Challenge did come. As hyped up as I was, it was a no, one that I embraced yet the dream lives on to bring change in one way or another.

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