Wednesday, 16 April 2014

2 Oceans Marathon Back to Back 2014

It only seems like yesterday that I was craving everything and anything a runner should not crave under normal circumstances, let alone eat while running. Yes, those moments when your body tells you "if you do not give me potato crisps, porridge, a burger etc right now, I am going into shut-down mode." And I did oblige my body, gave it potato crisps someone in the support crew fortunately had on hand. Think it was around Chapman's Peak... My feet were coming into contact with the hill for the second time in less that 12 hours, sending signals to my mind that this was abnormal, completely and utterly absurd of me to have embarked on this in the first place.
But the second leg of the 2 Oceans Ultra marathon had to be done. On my shoulders laid a burden, under me a fire, both prompting me to look beyond the present and envision a country where children are given a shot at the future they desire. A society where circumstances do not equate to deprivation of the basic and primary human need, which in my opinion is love.
After moments of my mind attempting to convince my limbs that motion was apparently a necessity in a mission such as this, something of a pilgrim's progress to the top of the hill occurred. Shedding the weight of unbelief and putting on the air of defiance, I tottered on with the support of the relentless crew from Newkidz on the Block.
The kilometers seemed unusually long and I saw hills at the slightest rises in the tarmac. Yet, for some reason I am walking into this mission again. Something if given the choice I would not "gladly do". However, desperate times call for desperate measures and I hope this time around, the footsteps making contact with that course of the 2 Oceans Marathon, will make a statement. It is my hope that those 112km will be what is needed to make the dream of a child finding a family. It is my hope that the hours out on the road, will be nothing compared to the years many orphans will have under the care of loving parents, under the mentorship of brothers, sisters and professionals who show them their lives are worthy now and even more in the future. It is my hope that this small gesture, will give a voice to the millions of orphans in South Africa and beyond that need families, safer living environments and teachers to bring their dreams into reality.

To find out how you can join me on this journey, before or after the 2 Oceans Marathon, please go to: