Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Give hope a pair of shoes!

The future of our country is being authored now, you and I can play our part in rewriting history for the generations to come. We may not have millions to give away, we may not have 67 years to devote to public service but your old pair of shoes could carry a dream to fulfillment. We are running a drive to collect as many pairs of used running shoes as we can for #ShoesForPlanetEarth campaign. 

You can find out more about their work here: http://www.shoesforplanetearth.com/

Our hope is to give young talented children and young adults across the country a shot at attaining their dreams as athletes regardless of their present circumstances. We would be more than grateful if you could please spread the word to athletes, family and friends about this campaign. Shoes will be collected at races in the Western Province and we will be happy to collect or arrange an alternative drop off point wherever possible. May you please assist by sharing this on your social media pages so we can help change our nation, one young athlete at a time.

Remember our journey to a better nation needs shoes and we hope to collect 1300 in 30 days, and we won’t be able impact 1300 lives without your pair.The shoes will be given to underprivileged children and young adults who are taking part in the Township Development Race to be held on the 27th of September in Mossel Bay. The race is aimed at encouraging the disadvantaged athletes to take part in sort and hopefully pursue a career in sport.

Shoes can be dropped off at following ZoneFitness clubs around Cape Town:

· Bellville

· Cape Quarter

· Parow

· Zone on the Square

· Wynberg

· Brackenfell

· Zone Women Cape Town

· Cape Town CBD

· Durbanville

· Milnerton

· Rondebosch

· Willowbridge

Find directions to the nearest ZoneFitness club here: http://www.zonefitness.co.za/clubs/index

For more details and to arrange an alternative pick up or drop off point, please contact Edeline on 0799390026 or email edmutize@gmail.com

CEO:Viv Kartsounis
Shoes for Planet Earth Inc
P O Box 216
NSW Australia 2120
Mob: +61 422 587 029

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

2 Oceans Marathon Back to Back 2014

It only seems like yesterday that I was craving everything and anything a runner should not crave under normal circumstances, let alone eat while running. Yes, those moments when your body tells you "if you do not give me potato crisps, porridge, a burger etc right now, I am going into shut-down mode." And I did oblige my body, gave it potato crisps someone in the support crew fortunately had on hand. Think it was around Chapman's Peak... My feet were coming into contact with the hill for the second time in less that 12 hours, sending signals to my mind that this was abnormal, completely and utterly absurd of me to have embarked on this in the first place.
But the second leg of the 2 Oceans Ultra marathon had to be done. On my shoulders laid a burden, under me a fire, both prompting me to look beyond the present and envision a country where children are given a shot at the future they desire. A society where circumstances do not equate to deprivation of the basic and primary human need, which in my opinion is love.
After moments of my mind attempting to convince my limbs that motion was apparently a necessity in a mission such as this, something of a pilgrim's progress to the top of the hill occurred. Shedding the weight of unbelief and putting on the air of defiance, I tottered on with the support of the relentless crew from Newkidz on the Block.
The kilometers seemed unusually long and I saw hills at the slightest rises in the tarmac. Yet, for some reason I am walking into this mission again. Something if given the choice I would not "gladly do". However, desperate times call for desperate measures and I hope this time around, the footsteps making contact with that course of the 2 Oceans Marathon, will make a statement. It is my hope that those 112km will be what is needed to make the dream of a child finding a family. It is my hope that the hours out on the road, will be nothing compared to the years many orphans will have under the care of loving parents, under the mentorship of brothers, sisters and professionals who show them their lives are worthy now and even more in the future. It is my hope that this small gesture, will give a voice to the millions of orphans in South Africa and beyond that need families, safer living environments and teachers to bring their dreams into reality.

To find out how you can join me on this journey, before or after the 2 Oceans Marathon, please go to: http://www.newkidz.org.za/edeline-mutize-to-run-the-two-oceans-ultra-marathon-twice-for-orphans/

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Iron Man Dream Continues

Belief is one of the most difficult commodities to come by let alone retain. Deemed necessary by passion to go in search of this commodity, I began my pursuit of the Iron Man dream. Distant as it seemed then, even more distant as it seems now, I continue to hang on to the shreds that resemble hope and perhaps forms the strands linking to faith. Faith in a dream that seems impossible at this stage. Faith in a dream that has a price to pay, a price too dear to be paid yet all the more dear to forgo. Faith that the sponsor will come back with positive news and possible wings to fly through the triathlon.
Not knowing what lies ahead is possibly one of man’s greatest challenges, while in the same breath makes for an exciting journey, one  filled with expectation. For what is hope when the future is forever certain based on the present? What is faith then, if all the ingredients are present in the hands of a master chef? With very limited time to make the cut for the Iron Man 4 Kidz cut, the flame of hope refuses to be doused, and the stream of faith continues to labour to flow.

Has my sinking body miraculously transformed into a floatation device? NO! Has my cycling improved much since January. A little...Has my running become any more polished, I have pain in the Gluteus Maximus since the Cape Peninsula Marathon but I remain the prisoner of hope, a captive of faith, that come the 6th of April, I will be taking part in the Iron Man, for the children to whom hope is a distant stranger and faith is a concept unheard of. 

Heroes of the Cape Peninsula

Sunday 16th February was one of those mornings, when one confronts that premature reveille that one would rather postpone to a more decent hour, say about 8am opposed to 4am. However, I am compelled to obey the constant nagging and chiming of my alarm clock, after a great deal of snoozing of course. Still half asleep and going through the motions of showering and getting dressed for the race, my mind is a bit of a haze, becoming fully aware of the journey ahead as I hit the road. The Southern Suburbs have become foreign territory for me, inducing the need to sing some giddy travelers’ song of the country genre. Before I can settle for the song of the trip, I find myself in Green point. All I have are 10 minutes to fumble for pins, get my race number on and fasten the timing strip to my shoe, tasks I complete as the announcer bellows, “Two minutes to go!”
With no time to warm up I disembark from my "chariot of fire" and trot to the start, with a few stops along the way to fix this and that upon my disheveled self. I blame it all on dressing in the dark, to avoid awakening Dolly, the canine diva. I am brought back to by the scuffling of bodies and shuffling of feet, marking the commencement of the 2014 edition of the Cape Peninsula Marathon. With no time to think strategy, my feet seek the tar which in some instances seems too far or too near than it is in actuality. As the day wears on, the heat takes its toll and the mind begins to build a house of cards. With every slight distraction, the cards tumble into a pile, summoning every ounce of willpower to resume gathering the courage to continue. Spotting the awe inspiring Don Oliver earlier in the race, was the flash card thrown in the mix, constantly reminding me there is nothing to lose but all to gain. Each step carrying me toward the end, the glorious end. Along the way I spot another inspiring individual, whom I am yet to know by name, hobbling along with such zest, I could not but pick up speed despite the weary and beaten down body.

At the end of it all, I cross the finish and watch fellow comrades stream into the finish area. Some with looks of triumph others carrying disappointment. Keeping emotions in check as I observe each runner make it across the finish line, somersaults of untold magnitude create a carnival of celebration inside of me as I am reminded of the victory that comes with every complete race. A journey which begins with one step but most importantly, ends with one step. A journey whose fruits will remain visible in years to come. A journey many long to travel yet never have the opportunity. Here’s to the Don Olivers and strangers who inspire every single one of these journeys. Here’s to every runner who has ever run, walked or crawled their way to victory...OUR victory!

Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Ironman dream

Growing up in the confines of a farming community (well partly) my life was greatly influenced by my environment on the one hand and on the other confined to my narrow and somewhat diminutive worldview. Wandering around the city, my adventure coveting soul seeks yearns for an outlet, an avenue down which adrenaline may flow freely and perhaps wildly. Long distance running sufficed for a while, still does get me going but like a romance needing rekindling, I searched high and low for some way of metamorphosing this passion of mine into something more.
On a quest to defy gravity, norms and odds, I am embarking on a journey. A journey to carry dreams to full term and not rest till they are birthed and well on their way to growth. Mission Possible has seen a year of ups and downs, running miles for Newkidz on the Block, pulling all nighters filled with planning, heartaches and headaches that have all led to growth and chipping away of some undesirable habits. As 2014 looms, my heart is indicting another good matter, contemplating on yet another extreme adventure to embark on for the millions of orphans in South Africa and beyond.
My heart beckons, my heart entices me to take part in yet another extreme challenge….Iron Man South Africa! With my little cycling experience, a body that refuses to float (which literally makes me Iron woman) I am taking a leap of faith and daring to tri! With a little over three months to get my swimming and cycling act together, I realise it will take much more than athleticism but habitation at the oasis that never runs dry. A place where the terrain working against us will become magical carpets, carrying dreams home. A place where the trees lining the streets, will become knights bowing in humble adoration, paying homage to the bravehearts who have taken the silent oath to defy gravity with their rear quarters. 
 I reach out and press on to the place where a marriage of earth and sky take place, to create the finish line for which I long to reach. On sheer faith and determination, I embark on this journey, bearing dreams of millions of orphans, hoping the reader will come alongside as we bring all to birth, for a better South Africa.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Make Everyday Mandela Day

Over the past year, we have seen many news headlines highlighting the vulnerability of the children in this country.
Furthermore, there are close to 4 million orphans in this country alone and this is excluding millions more who are either classified vulnerable or living under harsh conditions.
While not all of us are in a position to change the world single handedly, our combined efforts can and will certainly make a difference.
We may not all be a position to adopt, foster or mentor a child but small gestures such as taking part in a fun run, giving of our time, financially or in kind will go a long way in helping organisations such as Newkidz on the Block (www.newkidz.org.za), working towards creating safe living environments for the millions of children in need.

Please take time to share this with fellow club members, family, friends and colleagues that many will come out in great numbers as we host the 67 Minutes of Endorphins for Orphans Fun Run on the 18th of August.
While this may not be timed a race, it is certainly a race against time, as we need to act urgently to ensure that all children in our communities grow up in safe environments and live to fulfill their dreams.

It is my sincere hope that we will see you on Sunday the 18th of August, as our footsteps leave a mark on the roads of Durbanville that shows we care and are willing to go the extra mile for our future.

So whether you can run, walk or trot, please come and help us move a step closer to fulfilling the Newkidz philosophy, “There’s no such thing as an unwanted child, just an unfound family”  and make everyday a Mandela Day.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Mandela Coins or Mandela Minutes...

At the edge of every valley is an incline. While an incline oftentimes requires hard work and endurance, the splendor of the valley below can never be truly beholden without gritting teeth and digging into the the task of climbing.
Such is our endeavor for the month of July. We grit our teeth in a bid to overcome the challenges that millions of orphaned and vulnerable children face on a daily basis. The mountains before them may seem all too distant from the regular person but they are an imposing reality that stands in the way of many a dream.
On Saturday 20 July, Cape Town has to come to a stand still as we partake in the challenge of the year. Here's a challenge to anyone who can walk, crawl or maybe acquire mobility on any two legged contraption, complete a 9.5km loop in 67 minutes (or more)! The route will proceed from the Nothern Suburbs,through the Atlantic Seaboard and CBD and forms a circular route via the Southern Surbubs.

If you are an adrenaline junkie and looking to achieve an ULTRA ORDINARY feat of note, be inspired to do all 10 legs and complete a total of 95km to celebrate Madiba's birthday.
While it may seem all too impossible for some, we imagine the sacrifices made by those we look up to which cost them a lifetime.
Though we are not all born to become a Mandela, Ghandi or Mother Teresa, we certainly can be one of these to someone through a simple act of kindness such as taking part in the Mandela Day Minutes for Millions Charity run or supporting from the sidelines.


Event: Mandela Day 67 Minutes of Endorphins for Orphans
Event Type: Fun Run
Distance: 9.5km (runners welcome to take part in more than one leg of run)
Date: 20 July 2013
Venue: Choice of 10 pit-stops around Cape Town (See route maphttp://goo.gl/maps/M8C1m)
Time: First Leg starts 06:30am (all others are 67 minutes apart)
Entry Fee: R30
Contact: 079 939 0026

Lots of spot prizes to be won and blue ribbons for all finishers

All proceeds will go towards Newkidz on the Block, to help establish loving homes for orphaned, vulnerable and destitute children in South Africa. (www.newkidz.org.za)

If you can walk, you can run and if you can run, you can certainly make a difference!