Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Ironman dream

Growing up in the confines of a farming community (well partly) my life was greatly influenced by my environment on the one hand and on the other confined to my narrow and somewhat diminutive worldview. Wandering around the city, my adventure coveting soul seeks yearns for an outlet, an avenue down which adrenaline may flow freely and perhaps wildly. Long distance running sufficed for a while, still does get me going but like a romance needing rekindling, I searched high and low for some way of metamorphosing this passion of mine into something more.
On a quest to defy gravity, norms and odds, I am embarking on a journey. A journey to carry dreams to full term and not rest till they are birthed and well on their way to growth. Mission Possible has seen a year of ups and downs, running miles for Newkidz on the Block, pulling all nighters filled with planning, heartaches and headaches that have all led to growth and chipping away of some undesirable habits. As 2014 looms, my heart is indicting another good matter, contemplating on yet another extreme adventure to embark on for the millions of orphans in South Africa and beyond.
My heart beckons, my heart entices me to take part in yet another extreme challenge….Iron Man South Africa! With my little cycling experience, a body that refuses to float (which literally makes me Iron woman) I am taking a leap of faith and daring to tri! With a little over three months to get my swimming and cycling act together, I realise it will take much more than athleticism but habitation at the oasis that never runs dry. A place where the terrain working against us will become magical carpets, carrying dreams home. A place where the trees lining the streets, will become knights bowing in humble adoration, paying homage to the bravehearts who have taken the silent oath to defy gravity with their rear quarters. 
 I reach out and press on to the place where a marriage of earth and sky take place, to create the finish line for which I long to reach. On sheer faith and determination, I embark on this journey, bearing dreams of millions of orphans, hoping the reader will come alongside as we bring all to birth, for a better South Africa.