Friday, 4 January 2013

One For Burry Stander...Two for the love of the human spirit!

When I read the headline "Cycling champion Stander dies in road accident", my heart sank momentarily then rage took over. Not the kind of rage that makes one do irrational things but the kind that makes you realise that life is to short to wait until tomorrow next week or next year. I was infuriated to the point of putting myself through something of an inquisition. While Burry Stander would have wanted to live on, win more races and do what he loves best, yet in a careless moment on the part of the motorist, his family has lost a son, husband, brother... Some have lost a close friend, a source of inspiration and to sporting fanatics like myself, a hero.
Mourn we shall only for moment but a true champion like Burry deserves to be celebrated for a life well lived! He may be gone in the physical but the legend will live on. 
While we can ask why such things happen, my prayer is that each one who has love and respect for Burry, for cycling, for sport or for mankind, strangers and friends alike, may stand up and live every moment as if it were the last.
Death cannot erase the evidence of a life well lived. Neither can the grave conceal the living proof you left behind. To live you may have ceased, yet the legend will be forever engraved in time. In our hearts we'll hold you dear and in our thoughts where great names are mentioned yours will always be near!!! An arrow missing form a quiver of the living, yet your target you found and the mark will forever remain! RIP Burry! 

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