Thursday, 27 December 2012

Many at times I am worn out. I feel I can't anymore and the only thing to do is condescend to ever-decreasing circles where life is somewhat entrapped. The end or beginning of the year for me is time to contemplate. Each time I am left with an unbalanced ledger, seemingly a debtor to life and creditor  to what could have been.
As the last few days of the year roll by, I try to position the plug that I may salvage what is left and hopefully have something to use in creating the mortar for the foundation I intend to lay for the coming year. Intentions I seem to be overburdened with, yet the ability to turn them all into realities I neither possess or perhaps it is buried so far deep within that excavating would be in good order.
Confused I sound,yet the reason I find myself back in this exact same spot, year after year is unknown to me. As I embark on this quest, may the heavens be open to rain down some answers that I may find that which I search for

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