Monday, 22 October 2012

This would be the point where I would scribble "Dear Diary..."
Alas, diary I posses not and my fingers have become too accustomed to hard keys to yield to the rather attention demanding task of writing.
Getting back to the purpose of my current engagement as an e-scribe,  'tis quite an interesting one.
Back curved and mind set on the year to come, a challenge was made and reciprocated by a single word, "Accepted!"
A challenge that will not only demand mental and physical strength but one that will require summoning the Provider and His hosts to bring in the finances required for an 11 day journey by bicycle and the 12th on foot!
Crazy as it seems, faith says it will be doable! Absurd and naive I walk into this yet hope tells me we will have enough supplies for the journey set to begin on the 23rd of May 2013 from Cape Town to Durban.
A dream it all seems, vague and somewhat foggy, yet the end is in sight, at the finish line, with my second Comrades Marathon medal.

Unogwaja Challenge, with but a dollar in my pocket...challenge accepted!
Comrades Marathon, with a wobbly knee and cracking ankle...bring it on!
Blood, sweat and tears will be inevitable but I still say...Yes!

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