Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Mission Possible Coast to Coast

Easter Weekend is set to be a thriller. While some hunt for eggs and feast on hot cross buns, we will be making friends with Cape Town's coastline and inner city in a race against time. The challenge has been made and with open arms, accepted. While the journey will be epic, trying and gruesome in many ways, the news-headlines and daily reports of crimes against vulnerable individuals spur us on to do whatever it takes to ensure no child grows up to be a victim or perpetrator of crime.
With nothing but willing hands and feet, the 112km journey will begin at 6:30, Saturday March 30. When the 56km official race ends for some, it will only be the beginning of yet another 56km lap for Mission Possible.

This Mission Possible will need all the support members of the community can give in the form of donations on the activist's page, moral support along the way as well as volunteers for upcoming projects conducted by Newkidz on the Block.
 This would not be Mission Possible without the human spirit that flows from the depths of you and I.

If you are an adrenaline junkie looking for a mission with a purpose or a cheerleader willing to spur us on from the sidelines, please drop a line on 0799390026 for more details. 

To make a donation or find out about Newkidz, please visit the page:

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