Thursday, 7 March 2013

Sweet smell of success

Once the dust settles from a great adventure one needs to calm down and take stock. The first edition of Mission Possible was a success, not in the sense of having the numbers but in that we all left feeling change was coming. Ascending up Lion’s Head were men, women and children who had one thing in mind, the vision of a better city, better lives and better homes for the underprivileged children we may never get to see face to face.

While sitting and waiting for people to arrive, a million thoughts were reeling through my head. Questions about whether anyone would turn up were put to rest when the first individual arrived. That was the greatest victory of all and had no one else turned up, the mission would still have been regarded as a success.

Though I thought I understood what Mission Possible was all about, Saturday 2 March brought about a whole new revelation. Success is not necessarily being the richest, smartest or most beautiful but it is doing what you can to the best of your ability and being able to sleep at night knowing you did all you possibly could. 
Furthermore, success is not simply a lack of failure but it is the ability to see a new opportunity at every turn. The first edition saw us gain ground towards our target. As we continue building our little Rome on Behalf of Newkidz on the Block, we hold our heads high not for pride’s sake but because we embrace life and the mandate placed upon each individual to live and let live.

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