Friday, 22 March 2013

A eulogy for Chinua Achebe

When I heard that Chinua Achebe had passed on, fond memories of high school flooded back.
My mind reeled back to literature classes with a staunch teacher who viewed a slight mispronunciation or misuse of language as a grave injustice to mankind and disservice to literary greats such as William Shakespeare and Chinua Achebe. Reading through the novel, Things Fall Apart, gave birth to a deep love for African literature, while at the same time kindling a passion for the fight against social injustice. 
Chinua Achebe was a brother, friend, father above all teacher to many despite never having met him personally. Anyone who encourages critical thinking and engages audiences across the world with artistry genius that transcends generations is worthy of praise and honor.

His literary voice will echo in time, inspiring generations of writers, poets and revolutionaries from all walks of life. We may not have had the opportunity to thank him enough while he lived, but my hope is that the way we live our lives as the human race, may be befitting an honor to a life well lived. 

For my hero

When we said goodbye to him
The future seemed so bleak and dim
Our hopes and dreams momentarily shattered
Like lost sheep abroad were we all scattered
Each one engrossed and trapped in the realm of thought
So freshly made were memories from long ago brought

Another arrow has finally upon its mark landed
 His tenure as man of flesh and blood ended
Behind him he leaves both legacy and a legend
Within the books of history his name is embedded
Upon the tablets of our hearts forever engraved.

For years and years the arrow soared
To defend his own, like a lion he roared.
In the face of adversity always bold,
Held up his head and wore courage untold
Day and night the brave warrior our own battles fought
Optimism his fill, gave no room for negative thought.

As all stare and begrudge the mound of earth
All can but marvel and take a deep breath
For beneath the mound lays a great man
And every soul present, his greatest fan.

Though death has purposed to tear us apart
From our hearts he will never depart
For here lays an arrow found its target
And in glory he shall walk the red carpet.

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