Wednesday, 29 May 2013

“A prophet has no honor in his own home…” 

A statement that rings true more often than not. Well except in cases where the prophet comes in the form of ballad makers like Justin Bieber or wealthy business moguls of one caliber or another and it is 5 years after establishing one’s career.
 I am thankful to the many that have shown support, by cautioning the somewhat crazy individuals like myself against taking on more than a mouthful. Negative thoughts fester and when entertained, they can become debilitating. However, I choose to feed negative thoughts to fear, not in a bid to fuel fear but rather in a gesture of defiance that will nauseate fear to the point of bringing up courage.
The realization that Mission Possible Comrades Back to Back is upon us is more evident than ever. As the last few days go by, the anxiety mounts and courage is tempted to travel down the easy road marked "Give up!". 174 km in less than 24 hours may be no mean feat especially for a novice running this distance for the first time, but what stands to be gained is more worthy of dwelling upon.  
News reports in the past week alone, of children who are either perpetrators of crime or victims of it, wrenches at the gut of anyone who has the ability to feel. Running the Comrades Marathon twice this weekend is not just a sporting indulgence but the cry of a heart pleading with every individual to take a moment and make a difference.
Financial contributions will go a long way in furthering the activities of organizations such as Newkidz on the Block for whom I run. However, change will come when men and women lay aside the reasons not to do something and just do it. Just sacrifice a weekend to show a child what it is like to be loved. Just take a few moments to teach a child little things that show them they are worthy and here for a purpose. Just write a letter, pick up the phone or visit those who feel forgotten and forsaken. Change will come, when we see the dreams that could be born with the right foundation instead of just a statistic.

I run because I envision millions of dreams coming true, not because of what I or a few individuals have done but because of what you will do. I run carrying millions of dreams, afraid that if I stop, they may never reach maturity. I run as a page, a mere message bearer of good tidings. Our future is bright, not because of this simple gesture but because you hold the wax to make it shine. Please join me on the 174km journey, in mind, heart and spirit as we carry forward the hope that all children, our children will be raised lovingly and that the broken may find healing for a better tomorrow.

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